Inventory Optimization Done For You

There’s nothing else like Hydrian’s expertise, technology, strategy, and daily support.

If you feel like your inventory challenges are hopelessly out of control, Hydrian can help.

Managing variable supplier lead-times, dynamic demand, and snarled supply chains across broad distribution networks is immensely complex and typically involves a high volume of day-to-day inventory tasks.

Time and again, we hear that this daily volume quickly overwhelms strategic inventory considerations. We also know that few ERPs and purpose-built inventory optimization software packages provide the right reports to forecast what’s coming next.

The truth is: Inventory optimization is a complicated business.

However, we’re here to tell you that effectively managing your purchasing while delighting your customers is indeed achievable.

Hydrian’s team of experienced operational experts, data scientists, and proprietary AI technology, work together to augment your purchasing capabilities by providing operational strategy paired with daily actionable recommendations. Before you start a paid engagement, we start with a comprehensive, no-cost inventory assessment.

Our process works like this:

• Initial no-cost inventory assessment to deeply understand current performance

• Strategic inventory recommendations with bona fide ROI

• Daily actionable recommendations for managing your inventory, with weekly or monthly delivery of metric reporting to track progress.

It’s inventory optimization done for you, and you can get started here.

Better yet, with Hydrian, there are no new systems to buy, no new staff to hire, and no long-term contracts.

As we work together, your fill rates will go up, your customers will be happier, you’ll grow your company’s bottom line, and… you’ll finally get the help you need.

How do we get started?

Hydrian’s No-Cost Inventory Assessment

We start by gathering a standard set of data that includes inventory positions, sales, and receiving data readily available from any ERP via regular reports and exports. Our “integration-less” method means we accept the data we need from any system and in any format.

Because Hydrian’s data flow does not require any integrations or APIs, you continue to use your current systems with our service. There’s no new software to buy. No disruptive implementations. No systems investment of any kind.

We then unleash our powerful algorithms and data scientists to turn your data into insights that reveal current inventory performance, opportunities for improvement, and the associable ROI for your most pressing inventory challenges.

For example, one of the first parts of our analysis is what we call your “efficient curve.” This representation plots how your inventory investment, fill rate (or service level), and operational costs interact for your unique mix of products. The fundamental insight is the optimal inventory investment required to meet your fill rate goals.

Time and again, our customers tell us that seeing our free assessment begins the process of lifting the inventory weight off their shoulders because, for many, this presentation puts bounds around their world of possibility for fill rate, inventory investment, excess stock and much more. For the first time, their fulfillment and logistics woes seem truly solvable.

This analysis also helps remove the personal stress that many inventory pros feel as they tackle their jobs’ daily volume. No longer does the inventory onslaught manage you.

Contact us for your no-cost inventory assessment today!

Strategic Inventory Recommendations for You

Using your data in conjunction with our operational expertise, Hydrian is able to build and provide a set of strategic inventory directions.

We provide impactful strategy both as part of your initial assessment and – when you proceed with Hydrian for ongoing inventory optimization support – regularly throughout our service with you. (More about that below.)

Our strategic recommendations during the no-cost assessment include:

• How to think about measuring excess inventory

The cost (revenue loss) of stockouts

• Insights into stock availability

• Plausible inventory sell-down strategies

• Considerations for managing current excess stock

Additional guidance such as:

• How to think about rebates

• How to think about moving to or improving a hub and spoke model

• How to think about where to open a new distribution center

The best part is that our assessment recommendations almost always result in a 5 to 10x ROI over our proposed fixed monthly fee to help you execute them. If we can’t forecast a 5 to 10x ROI for you, we’ll discontinue the sales process – no sense in spending both our resources if the juice won’t be worth the squeeze.

Once we begin working with you, the limits of our strategy recommendations are not contained to only the above. We help our customers with all purchasing-centric challenges.

Remember, with our initial, no-cost inventory assessment you incur no risk with Hydrian. Our team uses the data from your systems to deliver inventory optimization recommendations that make a real difference for your business.

If, for whatever reason, you decide not to proceed with Hydrian at this point, you’ve spent no money, but you’ve gained insights into your business you may not have otherwise seen.

That’s a pretty good deal.

So, what’s next?

Daily Actionable Recommendations.

When customers engage with Hydrian, they love that we become an extension of their teams.

We work with your teams every day by presenting daily actionable recommendations to help you achieve consistent peak inventory efficiency. Our consultants are even available to perform these tasks on your behalf, in your systems, if desired.

Hydrian’s algorithms span the breadth of your data feed to generate explicit purchasing, transfer, and inventory tasks. We share these daily actionable recommendations anyway you would like, but typically they come in two forms: (1) a direct upload into your purchasing system, and (2) an Excel spreadsheet which serves as a to-do list for your team, and supports recommendations already uploaded into your system.


Your daily actionable recommendations typically include tasks for:

• Purchase orders

• Inventory transfers

• Excess and dead stock actions

Our customers often tell us that their favorite thing about Hydrian’s daily actionable recommendations is how they make their teams feel like they’re no longer alone. Because our daily tasks are specific and easily attainable optimization activities – and because we can even perform them for you – customers say it’s just like we’re an extension of their teams.

This leads to another powerful result.

When the heavy volume of inventory management becomes more automated and predictable with daily actionable recommendations, your team is liberated with more capacity for strategic planning. This force multiplier often builds additional optimization momentum as inventory teams become more efficient and more effective at their roles. Often this empowers our customers to take on other operational leadership projects and initiatives.


Ongoing Goal-based Strategic Guidance

In addition to your daily actionable recommendations, we also deliver ongoing, strategic guidance for your inventory based on established inventory goals. Hydrian’s expert consultants will work with you to set these inventory goals, and to build custom reporting to help monitor progress.

Although we enjoy engaging with you tactically every day, we think it’s always highly valuable to make regular time to move beyond these daily tasks to focus on your broad strategy too. Regular check-ins will ensure that your strategies remain agile and current.

Hydrian’s Unique Approach to Inventory Optimization

Hydrian offers inventory optimization done for you, with provable ROI, no new systems to buy, and no commitment.

Hydrian’s strategic insights and daily actionable recommendations for your business are available as a fixed-price, month-to-month engagement with no long-term contract. Not only is your initial inventory assessment free, but we show your expected ROI upfront.

As we work together, you’ll experience:

• Higher revenue with lower stockouts

• Less deadstock

• More free warehouse space

• Lower logistics costs with fewer and shorter shipments

• Enhanced customer service and brand reputation

It’s inventory optimization unlike anything else on the market.

Let’s get started.

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