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Optimization and coordination across all core inventory-related processes

Demand Planning

Predict future demand with our advanced machine learning, incorporating historical data, promotions, and seasonal trends.

SKU Planning​

Receive ongoing advice on which SKUs to stock, drop-ship, cross-dock, or discontinue altogether.


Get daily, optimized purchasing suggestions, “Perfect POs,” that align with vendor incentives and constraints.

Open PO Management

Stay ahead of overdue supplier orders with advanced expediting and other open order management features.

Inter-Facility Transfers

Streamline inventory flow and vendor strategy, balancing direct buy and hub-and-spoke, for each location.

Excess Stock Management

Risk-weighted buying stops the inflow of dead stock, while quick identification allows for liquidation at minimal loss.

For over 10 years, we've celebrated success with automotive distributors of all sizes

Learn how Hydrian helped a $23B retailer transition to an eCommerce-first model

Hydrian’s inventory optimization expertise helped Ferguson enhance its distribution network, reducing stockouts and speeding up deliveries to meet growing eCommerce demands.

Hydrian seamlessly integrates with your ERP

If you’ve gone through an ERP or WMS implementation, you know it’s a nightmare. We integrate with your existing systems in weeks, not months or years…and we don’t charge an extra up-front or integration fee.

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We’re so confident in our results, we offer a free performance assessment to all prospective clients. This isn’t a canned sales deck – it’s a bespoke presentation that takes 20 hours of our time. Whether we work together or not, we promise you’ll walk away with useful insights that will improve your business.